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Odorox® is a non-chemical, economical, solution to some of the toughest smells and bacteria problems in the world today.

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Introducing ... Team Odorox. The Northeast’s most experienced team of technicians ready to assist your firm de-odorize and decontaminate large commercial loss.

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This non-chemical technology provides an environmentally safe solution for removing the most difficult odors, and destroying harmful bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring compounds, and are the single most important cleansing agent for our outdoor environment.

Hydroxyls are not naturally occurring indoors, but now for the first time in history we can provide our Customers with a patented process which after years of field testing and development, provides the safest and most natural cleansing solution indoors. The EPA reports that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air resulting in unhealthy living conditions and many other associated health risks. The American Lung Association reports that poor indoor air quality is among the top five environmental risks to public health.

The Odorox® technology replicates nature’s process indoors. Contaminated air is drawn though the machine’s chamber where the humidity from the air is combined with multiple frequencies of UV light to create hydroxyls and sanitize the air. The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further deodorize and decontaminate the air, surfaces and contents. Whether you have a home, industrial, agricultural, or commercial odour problem, or simply want to eliminate viruses, mould, mildew, bacteria and pathogens in your environment then we have a GREEN solution for you.

" We are so grateful for these machines. They work so well and solved our problem!"
First Choice Women's Resource Centers

" That machine was like a miracle! In my 20 plus years in hotel operations I can say I have not come across anything quite like this."
Baymont Inn & Suites
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