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Odorox® Architect™ Model

This unit is designed for apartments, condos, offices, hotel rooms, senior care facilities, medical offices, classrooms, and restroom applications. When continuously operated, it will blanket the area with hydroxyls to eliminate odors and germs. It can be recessed in a wall or installed into a ceiling tile. It can be hard wired and daisy chained together since it only draws 100 watts. Coverage rate: Up to 350 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® Slimline™ Model

This unit is ideal for eliminating harmful germs, chemical VOCs, and odors typically found in public spaces within enclosed buildings. It is the perfect choice for medical offices, long term care facilities, classrooms, commercial offices, residential homes, and apartments. It is equipped with a variable speed fan control and a washable filter. Coverage rate: Up to 1500 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® MDU™

This "Mobile Disinfection Unit" is the right choice for medical, clinical, institutional, veterinary and hospitality use. This unit is finely tuned to treat odors associated with bacterial, viral and mold contamination. It is equipped with a selector switch for 1 or 2 hydroxyl generating optics, variable speed fan control, hour meter and a washable filter. The variable speed built in fan is adjustable from approximately 250 to 500 cfm and operates using only 1.9 Amps. It is the perfect unit to operate continuously to neutralize and sanitize your environment.Coverage rate: Up to 1500 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® MDU/RX™FDA Approved

The MDU/RX™ model is designed to treat areas up to 500 square feet that would have 8 to 10 foot ceilings (~1300 to 5,000 cubic feet of space). The system is operated by the use of an on-off switch which activates both optics and the fan. The fan is set at a fixed speed of ~150 cubic feet per minute. When in use, an indicator light on the outside of the case is lit.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® Boss™ Model

This unit is designed for heavy concentration processing normally associated with athletic facility decontamination and fire restoration. It is equipped with a selector switch for 1 or 2 hydroxyl generating optics, variable speed fan control, hour meter and a washable filter. The variable speed built in fan is adjustable from approximately 250 to 500 cfm and operates using only 1.9 Amps. Its durable metal construction and light weight design are ideal for transporting. Coverage rate: Up to 2000 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® Boss XL3™ Model

This unit is the perfect choice for decontaminating large areas. It is designed for use with an air mover to increase coverage rate. It is especially effective when used for fire restoration, flood and mold remediation, chemical off gassing, and other similar commercial / industrial needs. It is also ideal for athletic facility decontamination. It is equipped with a selector switch for 2 or 3 hydroxyl generating optics, hour meter and a washable filter. Uses only 1.6 Amps. Its durable metal construction and light weight design are ideal for transporting. Coverage rate: Up to 3500 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® IDU™ Model

This "Induct Disinfection Unit" is used to eliminate bacteria, virus, odors, and mold contamination. This unit is ideal for medical, clinical, institutional, veterinary, hospitality or residential use. It is equipped with a selector switch for 1 or 2 hydroxyl generating optics. The unit is designed for continuous operation through your existing HVAC unit. It is excellent for the chemically sensitive or medically compromised individual who needs the entire living or working space decontaminated. Coverage rate: Based on HVAC Unit

Spec Sheet and Manual

Odorox® Hydroxyl Room Curtain™

This unit eliminates bacteria, viruses, VOCs, odors, off gassing and mold contamination. It is ideal for commercial, institutional, hazmat, veterinary and hospitality use. It is equipped with a switch selectable 3 or 6 hydroxyl generating optics. It is designed for continuous operation to blanket your odor source. This unit is ideal for sports arenas, locker rooms, fitness facilities, and daycare facilities. Coverage rate: Up to 5000 sq. ft.

Spec Sheet and Manual


The MVP™ series units are capable of rapidly breaking down massive amounts and type of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) while simultaneously irradiating and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP14™ unit is designed for heavy duty air processing operations such as chemical and industrial facilities, animal husbandry facilities, food processing, paper mills, waste water treatment facilities, trash transfer sites, rendering plants, etc.

Spec Sheet and Manual


The MVP™ series units are capable of rapidly breaking down massive amounts and type of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) while simultaneously irradiating and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP24™ system is capable of rapidly breaking down massive amounts and types of VOC's (Volitile Organic Compounds). Simultaneously irradiating and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP24™ system is designed for heavy duty air processing for medium to large operations, industrial and commercial applications.

Spec Sheet and Manual


The MVP™ series units are capable of rapidly breaking down massive amounts and type of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) while simultaneously irradiating and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP48™ unit is designed for heavy duty air processing in the largest industrial and commercial applications that require a higher level of oxidant output.

Spec Sheet and Manual

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Recreate Fresh, Healthy, Outdoor Air Inside

Imagine being able to plug in a device that can reduce all odors, staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza and other harmful viruses and bacteria as well as dangerous mold species in your facility by over 99.9% in a matter of hours, all while generating naturally fresh air.

Recreating Mother Nature's Secret

Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processors use patented technology to replicate a naturally occurring process. In the atmosphere, hydroxyls are generated when sunlight shines on water vapor. Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processors use the same process to neutralize harsh odor and reduce harmful pathogens.

In fact, independent laboratory tests prove that Odorox dramatically reduces many harmful microbes and bacteria not only in the air, but also on hard and soft surfaces it treats contents and materials as well as the air. Odorox works far more effectively than filters or chemicals. It's the natural hands-free way to clean and sanitize.

Help Prevent Bad Air

Odorox is an ideal preventative solution for educational and healthcare facilities where people and pathogens don't mix well. An Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processor can also help safeguard the health and productivity of your work or learning environment. And it's safe for people, pets, plants and sensitive materials.

Safe & Natural

Mother Nature uses atmospheric hydroxyl molecules to cleanse and decontaminate our outdoor environment. However, hydroxyls are not produced naturally indoors. Through years of development and field testing, ODOROX developed a patented process that safely generates atmospheric hydroxyls that naturally "seek and destroy" odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold and other chemicals. The ODOROX Atmospheric Hydroxyl Generator actually neutralizes odor and gases by breaking down their chemical bonds. This can be done with even some of the most difficult molecules, such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Ammonia (NH3).

The Odorox Hydroxyl Air Processor accomplishes this feat naturally without harsh chemicals or easily-clogged filters. Odorox does not mask or hide odors and pathogens it eliminates them. It's even FDA approved.

Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring compounds and are the single most important cleansing agent that are created in nature with UV light and moisture from the air in the outdoor environment. Hydroxyls have been called Mother Nature's Broom because of their ability to clean the air. Hydroxyl molecules play a crucial role in keeping the earth's atmosphere clear of chemical pollutants as well as help to break down potentially harmful airborne organic compounds. Hydroxyls are highly reactive molecules that pop in and out of existence within the atmosphere. Hydroxyl molecules are so small that 10 billion of them would fit into one raindrop. Despite their small size, hydroxyls are probably the single most important cleansing agent for our environment.

Hydroxyls have been proven to significantly improve air quality. Hydroxyls are not naturally occurring indoors, so the ODOROX Hydroxyl generator is an excellent solution to produce outdoor clean air indoors. Hydroxyl molecules are produced when an O-H bond of the water molecule is broken to form a hydrogen atom (H-) and a hydroxyl radical (HO-). The hydrogen atom can then react with another water molecule to form hydrogen and a second hydroxyl radical, or with an oxygen molecule (O2) to form a second hydroxyl radical and an oxygen atom. The new oxygen atom can then react with another water molecule to form two new hydroxyl radicals.

It is possible to make beneficial use of hydroxyl molecules by cleansing the air inside in the same way they work to cleanse the earth's atmosphere. The key is to make wavelengths of strong ultraviolet (UV) light, which, in the presence of water molecules occurring as moisture in the air to produce hydroxyl molecules. This process mimics the natural production of hydroxyl in the atmosphere through ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun and results in the breakdown of organic material in the air by the hydroxyl. The organic particles in room air are decomposed into harmless amounts of carbon dioxide and water through a chemical action.

Hydroxyl ions are extremely short-lived molecules. They usually exist for no longer than a second or so before becoming involved in an air-cleansing chemical reaction. That is precisely the reason why it has been so difficult to accurately measure hydroxyl levels in the earth's atmosphere. But it also means that there is no concern about hydroxyl molecules accumulating inside the home. On the other hand, many ozone-generating air purifiers have the ability to quickly raise the ozone concentration in a room to potentially unhealthy levels if not carefully monitored.

Through the use of hydroxyl-generating air purifying equipment in the home, office or plant we can enjoy cleaner, fresher air in our indoor environment.

Odorox®currently has the only technology that produces a strong enough hydroxyl to properly perform indoors. When coupled with our UV light technology, it is the only technology to neutralize viruses and bacteria to provide full and complete cleansing.

How It Works

Hydroxyls (OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun's ultraviolet rays react with water vapor. ODOROX Hydroxyl Generators replicate this natural process.

ODOROX implements a dual process attack on contaminants in the processing chamber.

The first segment of the UV optics produces rays which deodorize the air flow. The second segment of the optics produces UV rays which prevent bacteria and other micro-organisms from multiplying. Then the processed air is recycled back into the indoor environment.

Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometer wavelengths and frequencies combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls.

The quartz crystal optics are finely tuned to deodorize air flow, eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms, and produce hydroxyl molecules which exits the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and contents.

The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces & contents.

The Odorox Cascade Effect

Once the hydroxyls are created, they are sent to seek and destroy odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC's, and other chemicals.Notably, the process simultaneously decontaminates the air, surfaces, and objects.

This system does not require all of the contaminants within a room to pass through the processing chamber, which guarantees a more rapid and thorough decontamination.

When the hydroxyls come out of our systems (utilizing high CFM's) the hydroxyls immediately begin a cascade reaction in the air, creating even more hydroxyls. These hydroxyls quickly disperse throughout the room/home/facility and aid in the air purification process, but as importantly they penetrate, sanitize and deodorize surfaces and contents.

Due to this cascading effect the hydroxyl molecule reaching the leather couch or dry wall (which will be sanitized and made odorless due to this unique molecule) on the far side of the room is not necessarily the same hydroxyl molecule that exited the generator.

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Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

A Tool to Keep You Healthy
Health And Safety
JEMS, Journal of Emergency Medical Services
Hydroxyl generators kill germs & snuff odors

An Odorox® .Slimline. model portable hydroxyl generator sanitizes this ambulance. Photo Thom Dick
We've talked about cooties before, Life-Saver. Nothing is scarier than some of the stuff you can't even see.
Fortunately, our bodies came equipped with an incredible array of weapons to protect us from sick people's diseases.

I can't find any studies that say so, but I don't think EMS providers get sick as often as most other people. If that's true, I suspect it's because we're exposed to so much disease on a regular basis that we're somewhat immune to it. I've always been impressed by that (and have always been grateful for it.) But I still think we'd be a lot safer if somebody could devise a surefire way to sanitize an ambulance without taking it apart.
In the March 2005 installment of this column, I discussed numerous ways EMS providers could minimize their exposure to disease. I suggested everything from leaving their boots at work to routinely cleaning door handles, stretchers, ceiling hardware and radio mics with contact cleaner. I've also talked about such practices as hand-washing, ditching exam gloves before driving, removing the floor hardware to address substances that accumulate there and not eating in ambulances.
I do brag some about my agency's crews. I hope you understand I love 'em to death. If you ever come and ride with us, you'll see why in about a second. Not only are they fine caregivers, but they also have hearts the size of toasters. If we were to lose just one of them, all of EMS would be damaged. Their families expect us to keep them safe, and we try hard to do that.
One of our first responders is an EMT named Chris Forbes. Chris is a lieutenant with our fire department here in Brighton, Colo., and he's a part-time distributor of gizmos called hydroxyl generators. Hydroxyl ions are unstable, negatively charged molecules that oxidize single-celled organisms, and thereby, destroy them. Chris showed us a device the size of a briefcase that's designed to produce and circulate hydroxyls throughout a closed environment about the size of a small house (2,000 square feet). We bought it (for about $2,800). When we take an ambulance out of service for maintenance, and before we give it back to a crew, we plug the device into the unit's 110VAC shoreline circuit and run it in the patient compartment for 24 hours with all the doors and windows closed.

We're pretty small-time, and we serve a poor district, so we don't have a lot of money for science. We've found no reference to anybody using hydroxyl generators in ambulances. But the independent lab reports we've read say that in structures, this device destroys more than 99.9% of airborne, surface and contained anthrax, Clostridium difficile, Escherichia coli, influenza A, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listeria monocytogenes, MRSA, Staph aureus, molds and their spores, and tuberculosis bacilli on stainless steel and cotton fabric surfaces during a single 12-hour exposure.(1Ð3)
We also know from experience that it eliminates biologic and non-biologic odorsÑincluding emesis, blood, smoke and ethanolÑand produces no odors of its own.
They're commonly installed in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems of public buildings, especially in humid areas, and they're routinely used to purify structures after flooding. Fire departments use them to sanitize turnout gear.
How do these things work? Ours contains a fan that draws .dirty. air through a multiple-wavelength ultraviolet chamber, then exhausts it as clean airÑalong with hydroxyl ionsÑback into the environment. Hydroxyls occur naturally in sunlight. Although they're deadly to one-celled organisms, they're harmless to people and animals. Likewise, tests prove they break down airborne aldehydes, ozone, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.(4)
According to Chris, you can actually get these things in much smaller sizes, designed for permanent mounting in an ambulance, for about $500. That would spread the cost of one over the span of a lease, or the life of a vehicle. JEMS - Journal of Emergency Medical Services

JEMS is a Premier Media Partner of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


Dear Mr. Swon,

My name is Jim Palmieri and I am the General Manager of Allpro Restoration Services in Glens Falls, NY. We are a local company that has been caring for and servicing water, smoke and fire damage customers in Upstate NY for close to 30 years now.
I recently was called by a real estate agent asking me if we had anything that would eliminate pet odors from a house they were trying to sell. They had two prospective buyer back out on this particular house due to the strong pet odors in it. Apparently the previous owners of the house raised Golden Retrievers inside the house complete with indoor kennel and doggie day care business. After the house was completely emptied and professionally cleaned, the odor of dogs was still prominently present.

The real estate company had another company come in the house and install ozone for three days. The odors were diminished but not enough to sell. I told them about the Hydroxyl system and what it can do. The agent agreed to let me install the hydroxyl system. After 24 hours we inspected the home and found no evidence of odor or that a single dog even lived there let alone an entire kennel. The agent was so impressed he asked Allpro to meet with the other agents in his office to explain the system and how it can help real estate agents sell homes quicker. They are now the third real estate company that calls us on a regular basis to deodorize properties before open houses and showings.

We also used the hydroxyl system on a house where an elderly man had lived alone for many years before he died. This gentleman repaired engines in his living room which as you could imagine left a large amount of grease and oil stains on his flooring as well as oil and gas odors throughout his home. After we professionally cleaned his home the only way we could eliminate the gas smell that permeated into the wall cavities was with the Hydroxyl system.
Thanks to Odorox and the Hydroxyl system. We continued to be amazed at it's capabilities and effectiveness.


James Palmieri ? General Manager
Allpro Cleaning & Restoration Services

Allpro Cleaning & Restoration

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