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ABC News Describes the Benefits of Hydroxyl Processors

There are events you hope never happen to your home or business- fires, floods, trees falling on your roof. And there's a company that specializes in restoring property after these disasters is doing. So with a green touch, you should know it is safe. If you see one of these trucks driving around in the upstate that means that you probably have some damage at your house. Wind damage, storms, fires, floods, they do it all. But a new green technology from a local company is helping to go green and save green. Taking the bad smell out of a bad situation. I used one of these in a hotel room for six, seven, eight hours and the odors leftover from someone having smoked in a hotel room, will be gone. Paul Davis restoration, they're in the business of making things look and smell better. It was apparent in the first two minutes we were in the building, which had an issue of dealing with smells over a lot furniture. And then obviously the odor that's associated with it.

Earlier this year, they helped a family in Gaffney get back on their feet after an electrical fire. Traditionally an ozone would have been used up, but with over 100 employees, they needed a cleaner, greener method to get the job done. A harmless byproduct of, air passing over the UV light bulbs. That's the basics for hydroxyls, a green technology that uses little power and does the sun's job inside, or when you walk outside on a nice September day or spring day, that that fresh smell is really the result of hydroxyls being generated by sunlight just with the moisture that's in the air and its safe. You're getting hydroxyls as we speak. Feels pretty good. Paul Davis restoration also uses hydroxyls in homes to remove odors on your clothes and property after a fire. Smell these clothes. They're absolutely fresh smelling. For more information on restoration, going green, you can email us, go green. Save green. I'm Justin Cooper.

Paul Davis restoration is one of the first companies in the country to use the hydroxyl technology. There's been a lot of positive feedback about their efforts to go green.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

We have utilized the ODOROX® machines for almost a year and we are amazed to learn how many different odor problems this machine tackles successfully

Paul Long

To whom it may concern,

I have to let you know how happy we are with the results we achieved with the use of ODOROX HYDROXYL.

Being in the fire restoration business, we come across many unusual odors. In the past, we have relied a great deal on Ozone Technology to deal with these problems. One particular odor we have come across a number of times throughout the years is home heating oil. It is one of the most difficult odors to remove.

After purchasing the ODOROX equipment, we set it up in a residential basement. After two days, there was a noticeable reduction in odor and after five days, the odor was completely gone. This impressed not only myself, but the homeowner, oil company, and the environmental engineer sent to monitor the air quality.

The equipment seemed expensive after being purchased, however the results were great. I definitely recommend the use of ODOROX HYDROXYL Technology.


Timothy Devine
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