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Basic Science behind ODOROX Hydroxyl Processors

Even though our chamber has looked different, the reaction process is exactly the same and so this is all proprietary right from the optics through to everything that's in there, but, the mechanics of it is identical so that we've got oxidizing, as you saw with our table, our source. So when contaminated air enters into that chamber, there's enough energy in there to decompose or pull apart. Let me say what that train, illustration, uncouple any voc that goes through there. We also have more than enough energy. All we need is five milliseconds of exposure time. Any microorganism going through there has received more energy than the cell wall can withstand. So that's good to know. So we hold them in for about a hundred and eighty to maybe 200 milliseconds. So we've given it way more time than it needs to actually be sterile.

So we know that what is coming out of their life form cannot be replicated. The interesting thing about this and having worked on the patents is that we can affect change at a distance and we will show you what that equates to in the next slides, but when the hydroxyls exit, remember it's a capacitor, it's holding an electrical charge or an electron charge. So when it hits or gets into our clothing or a couch or something like that, it's going to donate energy that's going to control bacteria, virus and fungal spores. And when it bumps into our Voc's, those chemicals that are outgassing, it will neutralize those by uncoupling them or pulling them apart. So to affect change at a distance is the differentiator from us and everybody else that's out there, you have to put it all through their processor. It has to go through there. With us we could have our machine outside the building and just create the hydroxyls and pump them in and we can affect change at hundreds of feet away if that's necessary. So even though it looks simple, it is huge. And again, every good idea that's taken from nature usually works very well somewhere else. So that's exactly what we've done. Again, a great example of biomimicry.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

The following were observations regarding The Boss Generator;

1. We received the equipment on October 6 and provided you with a smoking room to remediate.

2. The processor (the MDU Unit) was left operational over night subsequent to cigarette smoke being added to the environment.

3. The following morning the room had been remediated providing it with a fresher smell.

4. Subsequently our cleaning staff provided you with an additional room on our smoking level that had been rented the prior evening. The room had been cleaned but it still had a residual smell of cigarette smoke. Our staff placed a unit (The Boss) in the space then providing the room with a fresher smell.

5. The equipment was returned on October 14th.

Thank you again for the opportunity to test your product on our smoking level.

Yours truly,

Michael Regan General Manager
Holiday Inn
QEW & Centennial Pkwy
51Keefer Court Hamilton, ON
L8E 4V4 950-578-1212

Holiday Inn

Our neighbor smokes constantly and since the ventilation in our building isn't adequate, the smoke fills our office as well.

As a non-profit that serves pregnant women and young children, it was a constant frustration. We had even reached the point where we were going to look for new space. When John installed the two Odorox Air machines, we noticed the difference quickly. The air cleared up! Even the baby clothes we provide our clients stopped reeking of smoke! Our clients and volunteers commented on the difference. We are so grateful for these machines. They work so well and solved our problem!

Aimee Huber, Executive Director
First Choice Women's Resource Centers
Morristown, NJ

First Choice

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