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Basic Science behind ODOROX Hydroxyl Processors

Even though our chamber has looked different, the reaction process is exactly the same and so this is all proprietary right from the optics through to everything that's in there, but, the mechanics of it is identical so that we've got oxidizing, as you saw with our table, our source. So when contaminated air enters into that chamber, there's enough energy in there to decompose or pull apart. Let me say what that train, illustration, uncouple any voc that goes through there. We also have more than enough energy. All we need is five milliseconds of exposure time. Any microorganism going through there has received more energy than the cell wall can withstand. So that's good to know. So we hold them in for about a hundred and eighty to maybe 200 milliseconds. So we've given it way more time than it needs to actually be sterile.

So we know that what is coming out of their life form cannot be replicated. The interesting thing about this and having worked on the patents is that we can affect change at a distance and we will show you what that equates to in the next slides, but when the hydroxyls exit, remember it's a capacitor, it's holding an electrical charge or an electron charge. So when it hits or gets into our clothing or a couch or something like that, it's going to donate energy that's going to control bacteria, virus and fungal spores. And when it bumps into our Voc's, those chemicals that are outgassing, it will neutralize those by uncoupling them or pulling them apart. So to affect change at a distance is the differentiator from us and everybody else that's out there, you have to put it all through their processor. It has to go through there. With us we could have our machine outside the building and just create the hydroxyls and pump them in and we can affect change at hundreds of feet away if that's necessary. So even though it looks simple, it is huge. And again, every good idea that's taken from nature usually works very well somewhere else. So that's exactly what we've done. Again, a great example of biomimicry.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

I would like to share the experience my family has had since bringing an Odorox Slim Line machine in to our apartment.

Please allow me to start by providing some background information. My daughter, who is 6, and I live in a 900 sq ft apartment in a 24 unit building in north Bismarck. We have lived there for over 5 years. My daughter has many health issues including chronic constipation, reflux, sinus issues and her IGG subclass II is low (basic immune deficiency).

Since bringing the Odorox unit in to our home in January, we have had our healthiest winter ever. In the past she has suffered from repeat sinus infections, often times each lasting more than one month. Prior to starting the Odorox Machine she had been fighting the same infection for over three months. We tried three separate rounds of oral antibiotics, an IVIG infusion and IV antibiotics and saw little if any results. Two weeks after instaiing the machine, her congestion was gone and has not returned. Her only infection since was an ear infection. This in itself is nothing sh01i of amazing. She has never gone this long without being placed on some so1i of medicine. We tried allergy medicines, antibiotics (oral and iv), ENT involvement, removed her tonsils and adenoids and nothing provided her with any relief. We also did both skin and blood testing for allergies, both of which came back negative. She herself has noticed the difference and comments on all of the different things she can now smell (flowers, lotions, soaps).

I almost need to mention that I am surprised how well this little machine controls odors.
I can no longer smell what other people in the building are cooking or if they are smoking.

I am truly amazed at the difference this machine has made. I will admit I was highly skeptical that this "magic machine" would do anything for us. In fact, I have even tried shutting the machine off for three days, only to tum it back on as her congestion was returning. I am sold as to the effectiveness and validity of this machine.


Heidi Stroh

Heidi Stroh

Hi Jeff,

Whilst writing, there has been a development since our telephone conversation that I would like to
share with you.

Sometime ago, I am assuming last week with all this heavy rain, my basement Cold Room/Storm Shelter had flooded out, it was full of contents and they had been sitting in water for some time. That coupled with the lack of air flow and humidity, caused everything to go moldy and there was visible mold on the floor, walls and ceilings.

We emptied this room of its contents and disposed of what was damaged beyond repair. We conducted
a cleanup and installed drying equipment and fans and once dried the mildew smell in this room was

So I took the initiative to use the loaner machine which Hydroxyl Environmental had provided our group. As previously mentioned I set the Boss Generator machine at high and added a couple of air fans to move the hydroxyls around the room. Within 2 days the mildew odor had completely been removed.

I personally am now totally sold on this product and its effectiveness in remediation and odor control.

I have copied our technical staff in on this email advising that my family and I were present throughout the use of this machine with no ill effects.

So to summarize, many thanks for the use of this machine, I am happy to share its success with our
many branches across Canada and help to recommend your product. There is no doubt it looks like
Hydroxyl generators and their effectiveness are the way forward.

Once again many thanks.

Stuart Tilling
Operations Manager

Major National Canadian Restoration Firm

Canadian Restoration Firm

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