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The Benefits of Odorox over Other UV Air Purification Systems

The question that was asked is what is the difference between our UV systems because many people would designate us is that we're using UV frequencies, which is true, and let's say other large manufacturers that fabricate hvac systems and they also have a UV system. Well, the difference is that the other companies use a single wave length as exemplified by this tube and, the 2:54 nanometer frequency, which is what's used as a single frequency by other companies. It is fully capable of neutralizing bacteria, virus and fungal spores. However, this is how it works. It has to be within a one inch above the petri dish with the microorganism of interest or within a foot beyond that, it dies off by about eighty percent. So it has to be in close proximity, and to get a 99 percent kill, a two log reduction, it must be in proximity for 14.5 seconds.

So if you've got a realistic HVAC system here and it's blowing air vertically this way past the optics, because they're always at right angles to the airflow, how is it that you can attain that in 14 and a half seconds and residence time before it moves on and it's just not going to happen. So in a quick conclusion, it's just the laws of physics which don't permit it to do that. There is just not enough residence or holding time in order to effect the kill. The difference with our system is that we've got multiple frequencies that generate the hydroxyls and they can follow up the tube or the plenum system and fate and chase after bacteria virus, fungal spores, even the gases and seek out and destroy them and neutralize them. Another thing that goes along with the mechanical systems as they rely heavily on filtration, which is still a good idea, but when you've got face loading on there and you might have live organisms, which is very probable and very likely they will agglomerate and it and they will start putting out the bio aerosol. In other words, they sneeze out a much smaller particle called a spore and that would populate your, either home or your business. So when you're using the hydroxyls, you will still get them to impress upon the filtration, but hydroxyls will sterilize or least sanitize that face so that they can't carry through and their offspring carry on downstream. So that's a very important designation between a lamp that may look a lot like ours, but we have the ability to put multiple frequencies into our reaction chamber where the competitor always uses a single frequency. And that is at 254, which is not designed to create hydroxyls and affect change at a distance.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

It has been almost a year since we first met at the International Home Show and you introduced me to the benefits of the Odorox decontamination technology. After almost one year of trialing your product and purchasing equipment, I'm pleased to provide you with an update on our success year to date.

During the retiling of our indoor pool last spring we smelled a very nasty odour off-gassing during the excavation process and it was negatively affecting some of the common areas which our tenants use for private parties and other events. After contacting your company, you were able to make a site visit and bring us 3 machines to trial to help mitigate the odour. We placed an Oasis in the common room and used two Boss units in the adjacent hallways and elevator corridor and were able to successfully eliminate the odours in only a few hours. It was amazing and we were able to keep the Oasis in the common room during the restoration project ensuring that our clients had no ill effects from the smells during the entire construction project.
Subsequent to completing the pool project, we were able to successfully remediate odours such as smoke and other unwanted smells by placing your equipment right into the condo units as problems arose. The nice aspect of the technology is that it is safe to place while the unit is occupied yet removes odours such as smoke not only from the air, but from the carpets and walls. This saves us money without having to call in outside contractors to remediate our properties.
Obviously one of our concerns with respect to garbage rooms is both, odour and safety and like any Other property manager, there have been times when unwanted smells have seeped up through the garbage chutes negatively affecting tenants on the first few floors. We placed one of your Boss units into our main garbage area and were amazed that after one or two days that the odours were completely eliminated. The machine has now been operating for 8 months and we have had to do nothing but leave it on site running. There are virtually no electrical costs since the equipment operates on less than 2 amps. Since start-up we have eliminated the need to purchase chemicals and other odour remediation products. The added feature that your equipment also eliminates surface bacteria and air-borne viruses without touching them helps us ensure that no unwanted pathogens find their way from the garbage room to our tenants via the garbage chutes.

I was very skeptical when I first heard about your product line at the Toronto show. Truthfully it is impossible to believe that you can simply plug in a machine and not only get the smells out of the air, but as well walls and ceilings or anything else without touching it. You proved me wrong!

This condominium is a very high end building with some owners paying several million dollars for their suites. After using chemicals and other masking agents to try and protect the expected smells and odours common when dealing with garbage, it is great to finally own a product that is maintenance free, GREEN, and that can be used for many different applications.

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Dear Odorox Team,

On Thursday, July 2, we had Odorox Environmental come to our Hotel and deploy the use of an XL3 in one of our smoking rooms that we have set aside for our smoking guests. In general, these dedicated smoking rooms maintain an odor of smoke that is very difficult to eradicate through our current cleaning efforts which consist of treating rooms with labor, chemicals and an ozone machine.

Much to my amazement the room that was treated with using nothing but the XL 3 and its' Hydroxyl technology had absolutely no trace of smoke smell whatsoever in less than 24 hours! Even the drapes, carpet and bed linens were all devoid of any trace of smoke odor. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed.

In addition, the machine allowed us the capability of removing other odors from wherever else we used it, such as eating areas, laundry areas, hallways and any other place we deemed important to our Guest satisfaction.

That machine was like a miracle! In my 20 plus years in Hotel operations I can say I have not come across anything quite like this.


Debbie Speziale
General Manager
Baymont Inn & Suites
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Baymont Inn & Suites

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