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The Benefits of Odorox over Other UV Air Purification Systems

The question that was asked is what is the difference between our UV systems because many people would designate us is that we're using UV frequencies, which is true, and let's say other large manufacturers that fabricate hvac systems and they also have a UV system. Well, the difference is that the other companies use a single wave length as exemplified by this tube and, the 2:54 nanometer frequency, which is what's used as a single frequency by other companies. It is fully capable of neutralizing bacteria, virus and fungal spores. However, this is how it works. It has to be within a one inch above the petri dish with the microorganism of interest or within a foot beyond that, it dies off by about eighty percent. So it has to be in close proximity, and to get a 99 percent kill, a two log reduction, it must be in proximity for 14.5 seconds.

So if you've got a realistic HVAC system here and it's blowing air vertically this way past the optics, because they're always at right angles to the airflow, how is it that you can attain that in 14 and a half seconds and residence time before it moves on and it's just not going to happen. So in a quick conclusion, it's just the laws of physics which don't permit it to do that. There is just not enough residence or holding time in order to effect the kill. The difference with our system is that we've got multiple frequencies that generate the hydroxyls and they can follow up the tube or the plenum system and fate and chase after bacteria virus, fungal spores, even the gases and seek out and destroy them and neutralize them. Another thing that goes along with the mechanical systems as they rely heavily on filtration, which is still a good idea, but when you've got face loading on there and you might have live organisms, which is very probable and very likely they will agglomerate and it and they will start putting out the bio aerosol. In other words, they sneeze out a much smaller particle called a spore and that would populate your, either home or your business. So when you're using the hydroxyls, you will still get them to impress upon the filtration, but hydroxyls will sterilize or least sanitize that face so that they can't carry through and their offspring carry on downstream. So that's a very important designation between a lamp that may look a lot like ours, but we have the ability to put multiple frequencies into our reaction chamber where the competitor always uses a single frequency. And that is at 254, which is not designed to create hydroxyls and affect change at a distance.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

I would like to share the experience my family has had since bringing an Odorox Slim Line machine in to our apartment.

Please allow me to start by providing some background information. My daughter, who is 6, and I live in a 900 sq ft apartment in a 24 unit building in north Bismarck. We have lived there for over 5 years. My daughter has many health issues including chronic constipation, reflux, sinus issues and her IGG subclass II is low (basic immune deficiency).

Since bringing the Odorox unit in to our home in January, we have had our healthiest winter ever. In the past she has suffered from repeat sinus infections, often times each lasting more than one month. Prior to starting the Odorox Machine she had been fighting the same infection for over three months. We tried three separate rounds of oral antibiotics, an IVIG infusion and IV antibiotics and saw little if any results. Two weeks after instaiing the machine, her congestion was gone and has not returned. Her only infection since was an ear infection. This in itself is nothing sh01i of amazing. She has never gone this long without being placed on some so1i of medicine. We tried allergy medicines, antibiotics (oral and iv), ENT involvement, removed her tonsils and adenoids and nothing provided her with any relief. We also did both skin and blood testing for allergies, both of which came back negative. She herself has noticed the difference and comments on all of the different things she can now smell (flowers, lotions, soaps).

I almost need to mention that I am surprised how well this little machine controls odors.
I can no longer smell what other people in the building are cooking or if they are smoking.

I am truly amazed at the difference this machine has made. I will admit I was highly skeptical that this "magic machine" would do anything for us. In fact, I have even tried shutting the machine off for three days, only to tum it back on as her congestion was returning. I am sold as to the effectiveness and validity of this machine.


Heidi Stroh

Heidi Stroh

Dear Mr. Swon,

My name is Jim Palmieri and I am the General Manager of Allpro Restoration Services in Glens Falls, NY. We are a local company that has been caring for and servicing water, smoke and fire damage customers in Upstate NY for close to 30 years now.
I recently was called by a real estate agent asking me if we had anything that would eliminate pet odors from a house they were trying to sell. They had two prospective buyer back out on this particular house due to the strong pet odors in it. Apparently the previous owners of the house raised Golden Retrievers inside the house complete with indoor kennel and doggie day care business. After the house was completely emptied and professionally cleaned, the odor of dogs was still prominently present.

The real estate company had another company come in the house and install ozone for three days. The odors were diminished but not enough to sell. I told them about the Hydroxyl system and what it can do. The agent agreed to let me install the hydroxyl system. After 24 hours we inspected the home and found no evidence of odor or that a single dog even lived there let alone an entire kennel. The agent was so impressed he asked Allpro to meet with the other agents in his office to explain the system and how it can help real estate agents sell homes quicker. They are now the third real estate company that calls us on a regular basis to deodorize properties before open houses and showings.

We also used the hydroxyl system on a house where an elderly man had lived alone for many years before he died. This gentleman repaired engines in his living room which as you could imagine left a large amount of grease and oil stains on his flooring as well as oil and gas odors throughout his home. After we professionally cleaned his home the only way we could eliminate the gas smell that permeated into the wall cavities was with the Hydroxyl system.
Thanks to Odorox and the Hydroxyl system. We continued to be amazed at it's capabilities and effectiveness.


James Palmieri ? General Manager
Allpro Cleaning & Restoration Services

Allpro Cleaning & Restoration

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