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How to Lease up Apartment Buildings with Improved Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor air quality standards should be a top consideration in landlords’ apartment marketing strategies

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Indoorair quality in apartment buildings is a top-of-mind consideration for prospective renters. If your multifamily properties are equipped with effective and safe commercial air purification systems, you can turn this unique offering into an amenity that your leasing team can tout to new and renewing renters. In today’s social climate, a new hyper focus on cleanliness and sanitation poses an opportunity for multifamily owners and operators equipped with advanced air and surface sanitization technology to stand out from the competition.

Multifamily amenities for the pandemic

A majority of owners and operators responded to the pandemic with enhanced building offerings and services – contactless entry, food delivery promotions, extra parking spaces, outdoor fitness facilities, faster WiFi and coworking space, to name a few. However, less emphasis was placed on long-term facility improvements that could help retain and attract renters. With the rise of remote working and learning, people are spending more time than ever at home and need to feel comfortable and protected from environmental risks that surround them.

Indoor air quality “as a service”

When poor ventilation and low indoor air quality were reported to aid in the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces, multifamily owners and operators were presented with guiding principles from the CDC. These included recommendations like using UV technology to improve air quality and protect renters. This sudden onset demand brought to light several other notable benefits of more stringent sanitization, purification, ventilation and humidification practices.

The need for this technology was demonstrated when landlords responded to the pandemic by shutting down shared amenity spaces in their multifamily properties. This revealed to renters that their landlords were not confident in pre-pandemic cleaning protocols’ ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When battling an airborne and surface-bound virus like SARS-CoV-2 – which causes COVID-19 – enhanced disinfecting procedures are necessary to safeguard renters.

UV technology vs. UV-C light

One proven way to kill COVID-19 is using UV technology - including UV-C lights and hydroxyl generators. Executive Vice President Mike Hartmann of The PYURE Company said in a recent ISSA article on the power of UV-C light against microbes, “To be safely and effectively used, UV-C light must come in direct sight with the treated air or surface, as areas shadowed from the light will not be treated.” He goes on to explain why UV-C is not always the best solution. “UV-C cannot be directly exposed to humans as it is harmful to skin and eyes, and prolonged and repeated use will damage materials in a treated room.” said Hartmann.

Odorox commercial air purifiers, powered by PYURE Dynamic Protection™, use UV technology that omits hydroxyls instead of UV-C light. Odorox machines come equipped with PYURE Technology that naturally cleans the air and purifies surfaces to ensure that every corner of the residential building is sanitized and safe. In killing the COVID-19 virus, you don’t want to introduce new environmental risk factors to building occupants and visitors. PYURE Technology is safe to operate in the presence of people, plants and pets – and will help the facility management team to ensure the air is always healthy and surfaces are always clean.

Post-pandemic perks

The hydroxyls generated by PYURE react with a broad range of chemicals to cleanse the air and surfaces. These reactions kill airborne and surface-bound viruses, bacteria and mold; neutralize and decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and eliminate odors, including smoke, chemical odors from cleaning products and mildew. Today, killing the COVID-19 virus is the utmost priority for multifamily building owners and operators, as well as renters, but it is not the only environmental risk that renters can potentially be exposed to in your building.

Routine building maintenance and facilities upkeep directly contribute to a few common environmental risks in multifamily properties. Move-out procedures, painting and renovations, for example, can release a lot of irritating dust, debris and fumes from VOCs. Especially in luxury multifamily communities that offer indoor pools, gyms, locker rooms and other moisture-prone amenity spaces – proper cleaning, ventilation and dehumidification is needed to prevent harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and chemical irritants from affecting renters’ health. Buildings equipped with PYURE’s hydroxyl generators are protected around the clock from these harmful irritants.

According to the World Health Organization, damp buildings put occupants at risk of developing upper and lower respiratory tract symptoms, including coughing and wheezing; respiratory infections; as well as asthma, and exacerbation of asthma. With the presence of mold and bacteria, experts have also drawn associations between damp indoor spaces and hypersensitivity pneumonitis – an inflammatory lung disease.

Attracting and retaining renters through indoor air quality improvements

Given what we know about COVID-19, the respiratory ailments that can be created or exacerbated by common environmental risks in multifamily buildings could be deal breakers for renters. Confidence in your multifamily properties’ air and surface sanitization measures is a prime selling point to attract and retain a growing segment of wellness-minded consumers. PYURE products offer renters dynamic protection 24/7 and transform shared residential spaces into safe, healthy, protected places.

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