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Breathe the Fresh Air Difference with Odorox Hydroxyl Processors

Every day, the quality of our air is being filled with odors, bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants within the confines of our buildings, we are surrounding ourselves with an ever increasing amount of toxins. Surfaces ranging from our homes to restaurant eating areas, restrooms, bottling plants, airplanes, practically every surface you can think of and encounter is littered in bacteria and viruses. Our solution up until this point has been to treat these invaders with chemical after chemical. There is a better, greener way to a healthy life. There is a natural, gentle, effective decontaminating agent that's been under our nose since the beginning of its existence. It occurs naturally in the earth's atmosphere. The energy of sunlight breaks apart water vapor releasing hydrogen and oxygen when oxygen and hydrogen reconnect before a safe yet unstable molecule called a hydroxyl. This oxygen hydrogen molecular bond is Mother Nature's foot soldier in the fight to neutralize pollutants from the planets air.

This molecular transformation creates safe, natural byproducts such as water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen, chlorinated hydrocarbons, arsenic and benzene, or some of the other pollutants that these hydroxyl foot soldiers destroy. This natural occurrence has been difficult for the scientific community to effectively replicate until now HGI industries, the manufacturer of the Odorox products. We have created a family of air decontaminate that mimics mother nature's naturally occurring process for cleansing our atmosphere. They are suited for the toughest commercial challenges and are also available for home use. Neutralize the smoke from widespread fire damage or destroy the smell from sewer, garbage and water damage, even sanitizing viruses and bacteria from commercial institutional kitchens to restaurant kitchens. These hydroxyl loader processors create long lasting hydroxyls required for covering large areas without the use of harmful chemicals or other irritants. Allergies are at an all-time high due to the fact that our air and livable areas are full of allergens and pollutants. Livable areas might include offices and industrial buildings, our homes, the community's retail spaces. Our air is a precious resource that enables us to continue to survive. We must protect this resource by continuing to encourage a healthier environment, living space and planet. Odorox Technology enables us to create a healthier, cleaner environment, not only for the benefit of ourselves, but for generations to come.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers


I wanted to thank you personally for the opportunity to trial the Hydroxyl Unit for our Assisted Living Centers.

As you know we are a retirement residence that assists with physically and cognitive impairment of senior citizens.

We found your unit to be of tremendous use especially with the consistent smells associated with bladder problems.

Your machine was very useful for sanitizing our air in all (common) areas including lounges and dining room. Our home was able to keep flu outbreaks at a very non existent level. We put the machine into resident's room- who were showing signs of illness- and with in a couple of days all signs were diminished.

Thank you all for keeping our air healthy and wishing you much success

Lisa Duncan
Marketing Coordinator
Lakeshore Place Retirement Residence

Lakeshore Place Retirement

This is the most effective and profitable deodorization tool on the market. We?ve used ODOROX? systems on many different types of jobs and it works every time. The best part is being able to occupy the structure while it?s running. We now teach ODOROX? at our training facility

Jeff Dornberg

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