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CBS News How to Eliminate Smoke Odors/Smells Using Odorox Hydroxyl Processors

Well, you've heard about the warnings about smoking and secondhand smoke there is a new danger. Third hand smoke and you don't even have to be a smoker or even near a lit cigarette to be affected. It happens all the time. You open the door to a hotel room, a stairwell and apartment for rent or a house up for sale and you're hit with the stench of stale cigarette smoke. It does linger. It really is one of the most unpleasant odors and now it does more than just smell bad. New studies show it may actually be harmful to your health. Smoke doesn't leave a trace of smell and that smell is coming from clearly the chemicals that are deposited on the furniture. It's called third hand smoke. And doctors say it's that invisible mix of chemicals that cling to the contents of a room long after the cigarette has been put out there.

All of the nicotine type chemicals that can attach to the furniture. And here' are these cancer causing chemicals. At San Diego State University, researchers studied the homes of a hundred smokers and found long after they moved out, tobacco pollutants remained. We find these compounds in some apartments, six months, maybe even a year or longer. Additionally, researchers found that the new non-smoking tenants who did not smoke had significant levels of nicotine in their urine. I wouldn't want them to stay in a home that had a cigarette smoke smell in it. As chief of pulmonary medicine at St Luke's Roosevelt hospital, Dr Edward Eden says additional studies on the long term health impacts are still needed. But one thing is for sure he feels the less exposure to these toxins the better especially in children. We did notice upon taking the listing that there was some kind of an odor in the garage.

I'll need to find out that that's where the husband has to do with smoking. New Jersey realtor Linda Kimmel is not surprised to find out. Third hand smoke is dangerous. She says it's very hard to get rid of. It's really engulfed the entire house. That becomes a major problem. Now to help keep her business and her clients protected. Kimmel enlisted the help of some new technology, but literally works as a pack man coming out into the space to go on a search and destroy mission for any of these foul odors or pollutants that happened to be in a confined indoor space. Experts say this new generator uses naturally occurring molecules to attack the contaminants, the carpeting, the bedding, and the windows. If put anywhere in the room, this equipment, hopefully will be eliminating that odor and the health risks that are now being associated with it. Like the health hazards of secondhand smoke, which are highly documented. Experts say most people have no idea that breathing air in a room today where people smoked yesterday can harm your health. You can just open the window and it goes away and you live in an environment like this. You cannot escape it. Add another study suggested third hand smoke may actually become more toxic as the nicotine reacts with other gases.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

Below is a brief testimonial outlining my experience with Hydroxyl Environmental's MDU (Mobile Disinfectant Unit). My mother suffered a diabetic stroke in Feb, 2005. Her blood sugars have been a constant battle since that date. She survives on a feeding tube. Our family provides home care for my mother at my sisters. In the evenings her blood sugars would jump to 25-28 and first thing in the morning they would test around 12-18 (5-6 is normal range). She also had an issue with an air pump that keeps her mattress inflated to help prevent bed sores.

In the summer of 2007 her air pump failed and we had to wait nearly a week for a replacement. During that time mom suffered a bed sore on her spine. In short order the sore grew to approximately 16 inches in length and was open nearly 1.5" at the widest point. It took our wound nurse incredibly countless hours to try and close this wound that in most cases ends in a fatality. This sore persisted for nearly six months before we were successful in closing it with the use of a vacuum. In the early part of this year we experienced another bed sore. Actually two, one on each heel as a result of an air mattress pump failure again.
This time a friend of mine spoke about the MDU that had helped others with medical issues. We had nothing to lose so we installed it in my mother's bedroom. Almost immediately our mothers breathing began to improve and within days my sister and niece reported my mother's blood sugars had returned to levels under 10, a spectacular improvement comparative to her results these past three years.
After only two weeks there were significant signs her bed sores on her heels were healing weeks ahead of her previous bout. I don't know what the significance of the MDU unit is other than to tell you it has performed way beyond our wildest expectations. I will and do recommend this technology to anyone seeking improved health regarding breathing, bed sores, or blood sugars if they are an issue. I wish I was more scientific about our results but the proof is clearly in the Hydroxyl MDU unit........

Test one today, the results will last a lifetime!
Dennis Osborne

Dennis Osborne

Thank you for eliminating the odors in my rental home. It was occupied for 14 years with a heavy smoker and we were impressed on how the odor was completely eliminated. The home is about 1200 square feet with a full basement.

As you can see in the pictures, the walls were yellow. We had three Boss units running while the painters were finishing the last two days and while the carpet cleaners did their job. In only 5 days over Thanksgiving weekend, the Odorox units completely removed the cigarette odor, the paint odor and nothing was left inside the home. This will definitely help with a fast turnaround to

Cliff Berger Mandan, ND

Cliff Berger Mandan, ND

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