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Day Two After Treating Home With Odorox Hydroxyl Processors

Okay. This is video number two on my odorox experiment where I did a zip wall and I sectioned off of the thousand square feet of the house because this is a 4,000 square foot house. But this thousand square feet was the worst affected area in house. Right over there is the door to the garage where the fire started and totaled the garage. Okay. So, nothing's been cleaned here's what this is all so dirty. All right. And this is then about 18 hours the machines have been running right behind you there, Adam, if you'll show them. See, I've got, I've got another boss, XL three odorox machine, hydroxyl running here in the structure and in this thousand square feet and it's about 18 hours, not quite 24 yet. And I'm, I'm quite impressed. Now this is a pretty bad odor in here.

I'm like I had staff that couldn't stand to be in this room because the odor was just kind of a pungent odor. And then we've got some issues with some urine on the carpet over here that is, and it's going to be replaced and also got wet because a fireman sprayed in here with water. So the odor is about 50% knocked out not one hundred percent you can still smell it, but it's about half the degree that it was yesterday. So I'm going to run it again, come back tomorrow. So I'll be at hopefully close to a full 48 hours. And I'm going to let you guys know all the results. I'm still testing this out, but again, as you can see, I mean, this is, you know, this is a completely dirty structure. I haven't touched nothing. I mean, all, we, we still got some mine sort of log destroyed contents of him moved out, but past that this is the, the dirty structure and we're testing out to see how well this bad boy, excuse me, this boss XL three, uh, runs or works in here for that odor. so we're going to test that out and I will do another video and I will, get it up there for you guys to see and check back in with you tomorrow. Okay. Thanks for watching.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

RE: Odorox Trash Room Hydroxyl Generator Applications

On behalf of the City 24 Condominium Association ('City 24'), I would like to provide the remarkable results of the Odoroxª hydroxyl technology trash room applications implemented at our development.
City 24 is a 126 unit, 15 story condominium development located on Biscayne Boulevard near downtown Miami. The building maintains a retail trash room and trash chute room. The retail trash room contains 4 large trash dumpsters which is used by residents and retailers and is a receptacle for food and other wastes. Previously these trash rooms were air-conditioned at approximately 65 degrees in order to control offensive odors and City 24 was constantly trying to maintain control over the troublesome, offensive odors.

In mid-May, upon the recommendation of the Odoroxª team, the air-conditioning systems were turned off in the trash rooms. The Odoroxª guys installed hydroxyl generators into each trash room. The problematic air quality control problems were reversed and an immediate improvement was noted. Above and beyond the successful resolution of a very problematic air quality control problem, City 24 realized the added benefit of a significantly reduced house electric bill.
The Odoroxª equipment has proven to be quite effective in City 24 with many different applications. For instance, in addition to the trash room units, City 24 maintains mobile units that are used on a localized basis for odor control problems in the building such as paint fumes. Further, the units serve as a dehumidifier thus further positively affecting our air quality and reducing the a/c operating costs.
While today everyone is facing difficult economic circumstances, the Odoroxª technology has provided significant relief to our present situation and paid for itself in a matter of a couple of months.

City 24 Condo Associ

We have utilized the ODOROX? machines for almost a year and we are amazed to learn how many different odor problems this machine tackles successfully

Paul Long

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