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The Differences between Ozone and Hydroxyls

So that's an often asked question. What is the difference between, ozone and the hydroxyl, hydroxyl being less known. So basically the hydroxyl molecule is lighter, slightly lighter than air. Ozone is heavier, and also is challenged wherever there is moisture because it just doesn't have the kinetic energy to punch through a moisture barrier. So anything that's above eight percent, really is challenged. So you really have to dehumidify the air force in order for it to work. Whereas hydroxyls are excelling really good at working in a moist environment and that is usually where you have flood and fire type of environments where it's high moisture. So the higher the moisture content that simply provides more fuel for the hydroxyl reaction. So it is not burdened by that. It can get through the water vapor to attack bacteria, virus, odors, and fungal matter. Well Ozone has the distinction of not being good for the human body in that on the exterior when you inhale it, anything that is above .02 tends to be an irritant to the lungs.

And this is a NASA figure and the slides are available to you and of course the OSHA limits. So the workplace limits here in the United States are at a .01 ppm or slightly less than that. So if it is slightly higher, you will have irritation to the eyes, to the throat and so on. It's just not a pleasant work environment. So we would like to see it as a government mandates at that level or below. Just when it comes to the world of chemistry, which really took after took off after World War Two, since 1945 chemistry has been the way to go. We catch phrase a safety or a better world through chemistry. And so we've come up with a plethora of chemicals to address surfaces and sprays into the air to address microorganisms and so on.

And they'd been used regularly in hospitals and care facilities and in homes since that time. The mechanism of how it works is that you have to spray that area in order to get a two log reduction which is 99 percent. It must, that area must remain saturated for at least 10 minutes. And so you can imagine that it becomes punched into after a period of time and it's very difficult to address your flooring, your walls, your ceiling. That's a lot of chemical. And so the difference between chemistry and using hydroxyl, which is a natural mechanism in the atmosphere, is that, you can run our equipment 24 hours a day. We don't have to wait until the rooms vacant. It addresses surfaces hard such a stainless steel or wood, or tiles, but also soft surfaces like our clothing, our bedding, our curtain, our carpet our draperies.

So it is able to be deployed 24 hours a day. Whereas chemistry cannot be, you can breathe hydroxyls because they occur naturally and at the same amounts that nature produces them, we produce them indoors. Whereas chemistry, you basically have to wait until the rooms are not occupied. So for the first time, we're ahead of that battle. When addressing surfaces we've got a host of chemicals that can, you know, can do that in the marketplace and had been there for, for many, many years. But when you address just the surface area, the air volume is not being addressed and the figures are from a Penn State University that eighty two percent of all illnesses come through our eyes through our nose. So that has to be in the air stream. So if we're looking after the surfaces, what is taking care of that large volume now that was meant to be done outdoors. Hydroxyls exists there. They perform that service tirelessly 24 hours a day. And when we allow for our buildings, we just don't allow that natural structure to enter into a building. And so it's very important that we re-establish that balance. And when we do, it tends to dry up those issues of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air, as well as your chemicals that are airborne.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers


Dear Odorox Air Technologies,

I would like to thank you for introducing our hotel to your green technology for odor elimination. Traditionally I am very skeptical and not impressed easily when it comes to new technologies that claim to do so many wonderful things. Well, I can tell you that the job your Odorox machines have done removing odor on our smoking floor/hallways, guest rooms, ballrooms, and common areas has made me one of your strongest supporters. We set your machines up in a desired area and go about the rest of our daily duties. When we return a short time later the space smells fresh and revitalized and your Odorox machine is ready for its next challenge.

As the Director of Housekeeping at a very busy Hilton in Parsippany New Jersey I am regularly confronted with various odor challenges. Just recently we started refinishing our bathtubs in all of our guest rooms. We know from past experience that this process can create a strong chemical small that can make our guests and staff uncomfortable. Equipped with your machine I am happy to report these nuisance odors are things of the past.

Keeping our property smelling great is a key component to keeping our customers satisfied with the Hilton experience. I would like to thank Odorox for making my job just a little bit easier.


Lilly Sirkin
Head of Housekeeping Services
Parsippany Hilton
Parsippany, NJ
One Hilton Court, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Direct Line: 973 267 7373
Fax: 973 984 2896
Reservations: www.hilton.com or 1-800-HILTONS

Hilton Parsippany

The following were observations regarding The Boss Generator;

1. We received the equipment on October 6 and provided you with a smoking room to remediate.

2. The processor (the MDU Unit) was left operational over night subsequent to cigarette smoke being added to the environment.

3. The following morning the room had been remediated providing it with a fresher smell.

4. Subsequently our cleaning staff provided you with an additional room on our smoking level that had been rented the prior evening. The room had been cleaned but it still had a residual smell of cigarette smoke. Our staff placed a unit (The Boss) in the space then providing the room with a fresher smell.

5. The equipment was returned on October 14th.

Thank you again for the opportunity to test your product on our smoking level.

Yours truly,

Michael Regan General Manager
Holiday Inn
QEW & Centennial Pkwy
51Keefer Court Hamilton, ON
L8E 4V4 950-578-1212

Holiday Inn

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