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Hydroxyl_Radicals_In_Our_Atmosphere. An Animated Explanation

13 Miles above the Earth, the sun's light strikes water vapor releasing hydrogen and oxygen from their molecular bond, thus triggering a miraculous process that has been at work since earth began nature's own air purification system. The hydrogen and oxygen are now free to form new alliances, thus pairing a single hydrogen atom with a single oxygen atom, which forms the hydroxyl radical that is nature's silver bullet. This new unstable molecule seeks equilibrium by stealing atoms from neighboring molecules, thereby destroying them in the process. In the great plan, the victim is nature's own pollution, but the hydroxyl is equally able to destroy man made pollutants in the atmosphere, benzene Nitrous oxide, vinyl chloride, and more. By stealing atoms from these pollutants, the hydroxyl radicals rearrange their chemical structures to form harmless molecules, water, carbon dioxide, simple oxygen, and hydrogen, which in-turn begin forming new hydroxyls to keep nature's air cleaning system running continuously.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers


Thank you for suggesting the BOSS Hydroxyl generating system to Nick and me.

Our home, which had an indoor pool that we filled in and converted to a Great Room, is currently for sale. The chlorine smell in the styrofoam ceiling from the 30+ years that the pool was enclosed has turned out to be an 'issue' for prospective buyers.

Nick and I were really at a loss on how to remove the smell, short of replacing 1500 sq. ft. of ceiling ourselves, at a cost of approximately $10,000.

We used your BOSS system as instructed. You said it could take 4-5 days to remove the smell, but in no time at all (2 days) the chlorine smell was completely and permanently removed. We are amazed, and so grateful for this elegant solution.

We can show our house now without any worries. Our Great Room now truly smells 'great'.

We would recommend your company's systems without reservation to anyone in a similar situation.

I wish you and Odorox every success in the commercial and residential world.


Nicholas Maxheleau and Elizabeth Winter

Chlorine Odor Removal


On the morning of January 8"' 2010, there had been a fuel oil spill in the parking ramp which is below the Multiband Tower.

The elevator in the middle of the building was creating a vacuum which allowed the smell of fuel oil to spread throughout different locations inside the building. Odorox Air immediately brought over several Odorox Hydroxyl Generators to assist in the odor remediation.

Two of the Boss XL3 units with blowers were placed in the main entrance to the elevator from the parking ramp. The hydroxyl generators reduced a substantial amount of fuel oil odor from rising up the elevator chamber within a few hours. Two Boss XL2 units were placed in several different locations throughout the entire building during the course of 7 days.

Being t here are 10 businesses employing over 300 people in this facility, it was important to use the Odorox'" hydroxyl generators and keep the businesses operating normally.


Steve Buth
Building Supervisor MultiBand Tower
Fargo, ND

Multiband Tower

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