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Mold, Fire Odors Are No Match For Odorox Hydroxyl Processors

Michael, how long have you used the Odorox hydroxyl generators in your business? About four years. What do you use them on? Water, fire, pretty much anything that has an offensive odor.

You found the machines since about 2010. Since then we've been using them on all our, smoke or fire damage, jobs even on sewage losses, water damage, mold, really anything that we're dealing with, an odor issue. And, the tenants need to stay at the facility or their, their property, their home.

Have you tried to type? Yes. So he has a factory in a large commercial job where we put five of them on for about a week and um, they really didn't do anything. That was the problem. Ended up sending them back. We installed your, your product ran for about two days. That completely solved the problem.

You guys recently had a pretty large loss at a grocery store, where you had to, had to rent number of machines and, and we helped you out there. Go ahead. If you could, don't mind just tell us a little bit about, how that loss went for you?

Absolutely. We got the call probably at about four 30 in the morning on a Sunday, and this is a supermarket. I made the call to odorox. I said, we've got a very large facility, a strong smoke odor throughout, within hours, I had as many hydroxyl generators as we needed. By the next day on Monday, the store was back open. The odor was pretty much gone. We left the machines going for one more day just to make sure that we took care of the odor. In all honesty, I totally endorse, the odorox hydroxyl generators for any type of odor control.

The odorox machine to the only way to go. We've tried to use ozone, we've tried to use other products, year odorox, and equipment to be superior. And most importantly, when we call you guys, you respond, you're there for us. We're a results driven company and our clients want results. So that's why we turned to you guys.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

Dear Jeff,

My husband and I recently purchased a condominium apartment which has a few severe issues. Firstly, it had yellow nicotine covered ceiling, walls and air vents. Secondly, there was extensive soiled broadloom throughout. The odor in the dwelling was a sickly combination of nicotine, animal waste, and extreme mustiness due to the animal refuse/waste.

The previous owner was a chain smoker. She resided in this 2,400 square foot, three level condominium for just over 13 years. The areas most affected by the nicotine were the kitchen, dining room and the family room. Further, the dwelling was vacant for over one year. This resulted in the nicotine, animal excrement and dirt compounding over time and spider webs and a thick layer of dust had visibly accumulated on the ceilings and walls.

We started by scrubbing every surface. The ceilings once cleaned were still yellow and the nicotine odor was still very strong. One could not spend much time there without one's eyes starting to burn and itch. We then spray painted all the ceilings with an oil based paint and subsequently painted every surface of the dwelling. Unfortunately, the nicotine odor was still quite heavy. We then removed the entire broadloom and under pad. We cleaned the cement floor with a special cement-cleaning product before installation of the new under pad and broadloom. Unfortunately, even after we completed all this, the odor was still there. Cleaning, painting and installing new broadloom throughout had still not solved the air quality issues we were facing.

The furnace and ventilation systems were a major concern. How could we clean and solve the areas we could not physically access? Along came The Boss. I had heard about the hydroxyl technology from a friend. Clearly, no matter how much we cleaned, scrubbed, painted or replaced, there was no way that anyone could reside here unless all the odor and bacteria were totally removed.

The Boss, a non-contained Hydroxyl Generator is easy to use and quiet. We ran the unit with and without the air conditioner on as we wanted the air going through the vents to eliminate the odor and bacteria there as well. We ran The Boss for a period of two to three days on each level of the three level condominium apartment. The Boss was miraculously successful in solving our air quality problem. The condominium apartment not only looked clean but also felt and smelled clean.

It was evident that even though we scrubbed, painted and replaced all the old flooring, without the help of The Boss, we would have never been able to achieve the level of clean air quality we required. The odor and bacteria were all eliminated. I can only imagine the multitude of applications this product could be used for. It is light, easy to move and is quiet to operate. Thanks to The Boss, we were able to complete our restoration.

Thanks for bringing such a great product to market!

Yours Truly,

Mary Freedman

Mary Freedman

Our neighbor smokes constantly and since the ventilation in our building isn't adequate, the smoke fills our office as well.

As a non-profit that serves pregnant women and young children, it was a constant frustration. We had even reached the point where we were going to look for new space. When John installed the two Odorox Air machines, we noticed the difference quickly. The air cleared up! Even the baby clothes we provide our clients stopped reeking of smoke! Our clients and volunteers commented on the difference. We are so grateful for these machines. They work so well and solved our problem!

Aimee Huber, Executive Director
First Choice Women's Resource Centers
Morristown, NJ

First Choice

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