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Odorox Hydroxyl Processors Completely Eliminate Fire Odor In Three Days

All right everybody, this is day three that I set the odorox, the boss XL three machine up here in the main source area of the fire and just came in, turned off the machine and did my smell check and the smoke odor is gone. It was really bad in this room. As I said on my first video. And as you can see, the structure is again, we haven't touched and haven't cleaned, it's still filthy and it is gone. So very impressed. Definitely very impressed. That's an awesome machine and you're doing fire restoration work, and have, you know, want to be able to deodorize and start that process right away. I would definitely highly recommend that you get ahold of Tom McCartel or David Brinkley and buy one of the boss XL threes machines. I have a couple in our company and we use them all the time and I teach with them at firehouse education and I definitely highly endorse the machine.

I've tested it several times. This is actually the fifth job, the six job that I've tested the machine on and work great. I really didn't believe at first that in this dirty kind of structure, house that it would actually take the odor away, but it has and I am very impressed, so I'll would a hold of one of them. I again, don't have their phone number memorized on me, but if you'd like to email me, I'll get you their contact information. Have a great day.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers


I wanted to thank you personally for the opportunity to trial the Hydroxyl Unit for our Assisted Living Centers.

As you know we are a retirement residence that assists with physically and cognitive impairment of senior citizens.

We found your unit to be of tremendous use especially with the consistent smells associated with bladder problems.

Your machine was very useful for sanitizing our air in all (common) areas including lounges and dining room. Our home was able to keep flu outbreaks at a very non existent level. We put the machine into resident's room- who were showing signs of illness- and with in a couple of days all signs were diminished.

Thank you all for keeping our air healthy and wishing you much success

Lisa Duncan
Marketing Coordinator
Lakeshore Place Retirement Residence

Lakeshore Place Retirement

I have ten years experience as an estimator, trainer, and general manager of a 3 million dollar+ cleaning and restoration firm. As a Certified Restorer I have never endorsed one product over another. I have always believed that there were products available laterally that were as good what was being offered at the time.

After using your Odorox machines my opinion has changed. We recently put them to the test by placing them in a basement that had a fire..before we tore out! The Odorox completely eliminated the smoke odor. I thought for sure the odor would return when we tore out the drywall but it didn?t. This was great since we had spaced sheathing with felt paper and hardwood above it. We were able to eliminate the odor without removing the floors! I believe you may have found the next 'sliced bread'.


Johnathan B. Launder

Cleaning & Restoration

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