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Odorox Hydroxyl Processors Completely Eliminate Fire Odor In Three Days

All right everybody, this is day three that I set the odorox, the boss XL three machine up here in the main source area of the fire and just came in, turned off the machine and did my smell check and the smoke odor is gone. It was really bad in this room. As I said on my first video. And as you can see, the structure is again, we haven't touched and haven't cleaned, it's still filthy and it is gone. So very impressed. Definitely very impressed. That's an awesome machine and you're doing fire restoration work, and have, you know, want to be able to deodorize and start that process right away. I would definitely highly recommend that you get ahold of Tom McCartel or David Brinkley and buy one of the boss XL threes machines. I have a couple in our company and we use them all the time and I teach with them at firehouse education and I definitely highly endorse the machine.

I've tested it several times. This is actually the fifth job, the six job that I've tested the machine on and work great. I really didn't believe at first that in this dirty kind of structure, house that it would actually take the odor away, but it has and I am very impressed, so I'll would a hold of one of them. I again, don't have their phone number memorized on me, but if you'd like to email me, I'll get you their contact information. Have a great day.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

Angles Professional Hair Care Centres

Mr. Stuart Taube
Hydroxyl Environmental Inc

Thank you for selecting Angels to test your Odorox Hydroxyl Generator in our hair and beauty salon during the month of November. As you know Hair Salons are full ofVOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other difficult odors derived from chemical solutions used on a variety of applications such as perms. Some of these odors are nearly impossible to get out and at times can be irritants to my employees or customers.
Your machine was simply amazing, not only did it get the airborne odors out of the ambient air in only a few hours, but after operating over night all of the odors were eradicated from the walls, surfaces and furniture. Each morning we came into an
. odorless sanitized environment that felt fresh and clean. We don't understand how you got the odors out of the furniture without it passing through the machine but we can't complain about the result
When you informed me that the elevated oxygen that emits from the machine would eliminate the tiredness we all feel by the end of the day I didn't believe you. Well I must
say I will never doubt you now, the clean oxygen rich air not only surprised me in how it eliminated my normal afternoon fatigue but other customers commented on it

Thank you once again for showcasing your technology in our facility.

Angles Professional Hair Care Centres
665 Plains Road East Burlington Ontario
(905) 637-6921

Angles Hair Care

Major Canadian Insurance Adjuster takes notice of Hydroxyl Benefits

Recently I've had the chance to see the hydroxyl machines in action in two claims that we worked on together and I have to tell you how impressed I am that these machines actually do what they claim.

First there was the liability claim at the 15,000 square foot office building in Cambridge that was under construction. Our insured was doing some work in the building and accidentally started a small fire. Smoke went throughout the building and since the drywall was all new it had not been sealed or painted yet. Although there was very little soot deposit, odour was the bigger problem. We were faced with the real possibility of having to replace the drywall at a cost well over $150,000. Even to Kilz paint it would have been in excessive of $80,000. There was also an exposure related to income loss if there were delays in the completion of the building.

The hydroxyl machines that you recommended and used on this claim did an amazing job of removing the entire smoke odour to everyone's satisfaction and in a mere seven days and at a cost of under $30,000! The construction workers were even able to continue to work while the machines were running.

The second claim involved a diner inside a local bus terminal. There was a small electrical fire in the storage room. The sprinklers put the fire out but smoke went throughout the storage and kitchen areas. Again odour was the bigger problem once the water clean-up was done. PDS put in a hydroxyl machine for two days to eliminate the smoke odour. A few weeks later I met with our insured who commented that not only did the smoke odour disappear but so had the odour of the grease. He was very pleased with our claims service and PDS.

I certainly will be asking other contractors to use this equipment in other claims involving odours. I'm confident that it works really well and the potential for saving money is huge.

Canadian National Insurance Company

Canadian Insurance Company

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