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Odorox Hydroxyl Processors Cutting Edge Technology Restoration Company Gets Ruth Chris Restaurant Back Up Operating In One Day

My name's Benjamin Darrell. I'm the manager of our emergency service division here at Moore restoration. We're at 24 hour fire water damage Restoration Company. We do residential and commercial work as well. I take care of your smallest smell, to your greatest smell that you would never want to wish upon anybody. I use the hydroxyl machine to take care and control and eliminate odors directly resulting from water damages. We got the call on a Friday afternoon at one o'clock, one of the large restaurant chains downtown. They had water damage at their facility, the Ruth's Chris restaurant in downtown Indy, losing some of that business with the Jets fans in town. It had to cancel all reservations and close the restaurant last night because of a water leak. The manager says that a popular steak house should reopen today.

Once we got in there, the first thing that we did was control the water source. Stop the water completely from coming, extracted, removed unnecessary water before the machines were set. It was a, an extreme musty, bacterial type odor. I thought there was no way possible that the restaurant could reopen the following day. Once we set this hydroxyl machine, the odors were controlled. They were eliminated within several hours of the machine being running. It changed my mind completely, because of how quick it was able to start reducing and eliminating these odors. The restaurant did reopen the following day at noon. And without this hydroxyl machine, that would not have been a possibility. To me, it is true cutting edge technology is the best thing that, that I've seen out on the market. Absolutely we can work alongside the hydroxyl machine and not have to worry about the wet carpet being bleached and damaged and ultimately needing to be replaced with this equipment that we have now. We don't have to worry about those concerns. We're able to save to carpet work alongside of it with no bleach concerns whatsoever. This machine has been a great tool. Our contents division that handles fire damages just saved a business, a very nice restaurant as well, and they use the hydroxyl machine to control and eliminate fire odor and had no interruption of business and that business reopened the following morning. It's helped us tremendously.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

We have utilized the ODOROX® machines for almost a year and we are amazed to learn how many different odor problems this machine tackles successfully

Paul Long


Mr. AJ Weiss Re: Odorox

Please be advised that I found our meeting most informative and your demonstration of the Odorox unit in our hotel rooms to be truly remarkable. You could definitely notice the difference in the room before and after the demo. The unit performed easily and successfully. I would recommend the Odorox wholeheartedly.

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