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Odorox Hydroxyl Processors Provides Constant Supply Of Hydroxyls To Clean The Air

Hydroxyl generators are used to deodorize and decontaminate objects, services and air spaces. They create safe, naturally occurring hydroxyl molecules that eliminate orders, viruses, bacteria, mold and other chemicals. Hydroxyl molecules occur as a natural reaction between water vapor and the sun's ultraviolet rays in our atmosphere. Hydroxyl generators are different from other methods of odor control like ozone foggers and harsh chemicals, and that they are completely safe for people. Pets, plants, rubbers, plastics and other organic materials. The process chamber sanitizes the air flow, while decontaminating surrounding services and contents hydroxyls are continuously produced and replaced by the system providing constant decontamination. This system does not require all the contaminants to pass through the processing chamber, making it a rapid and through a method of localized area decontamination. Hydroxyl generators can be used in fire and smoke restoration, water and flood restoration, sewage cleanups, contents, restoration, biohazard and trauma cleanup

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

Service Master of Durham Ontario
Paul Horning;

Dear Paul,

We have moved into a home that the previous owners were heavy smokers.

We had a professional painter come in.

We had the carpets steam cleaned by a reputable co., and the hardwood floors cleaned.

The smell of smoke still lingered heavily in the air.

Thank goodness you provided us with the Hydroxyl Odor Processor. We have had this machine operating for the last 48 hours and the house is now odor free.

We would highly recommend this machine to eliminate smoke and other nasty smells.

Thank you again.

Linda & Wil Clarke
Cresswell, On.

Linda & Will Clark


Thank you for suggesting the BOSS Hydroxyl generating system to Nick and me.

Our home, which had an indoor pool that we filled in and converted to a Great Room, is currently for sale. The chlorine smell in the styrofoam ceiling from the 30+ years that the pool was enclosed has turned out to be an 'issue' for prospective buyers.

Nick and I were really at a loss on how to remove the smell, short of replacing 1500 sq. ft. of ceiling ourselves, at a cost of approximately $10,000.

We used your BOSS system as instructed. You said it could take 4-5 days to remove the smell, but in no time at all (2 days) the chlorine smell was completely and permanently removed. We are amazed, and so grateful for this elegant solution.

We can show our house now without any worries. Our Great Room now truly smells 'great'.

We would recommend your company's systems without reservation to anyone in a similar situation.

I wish you and Odorox every success in the commercial and residential world.


Nicholas Maxheleau and Elizabeth Winter

Chlorine Odor Removal

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