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Odorox Hydroxyl Processors The Best For Getting Rid Of ALL Cooking Odors

Hi, I'm Amy with ask amy staging and I'm here to talk about a new product that I found called the odorox. I actually rented these through Schwartz contracting and what a wonderful product it is. I stage home and I find from time to time there might be a different odor. It may be a garlic or onion smell from cooking and this actually eliminates that. The other thing is if they've been a smoker, we can actually eliminate that smell as well. We had a house that had been on the market for a year and everyone that would come in and they were like, well, I'm just not quite sure if we can get the cigarette smell out of the house. So we had actually put the odorox into the home and within three weeks we had the house sold.

So it makes that much of a difference. You know, in today's market you have to be very, very careful and be cutting edge. And it is so, so important that you have no doubt in the people that are coming into your house. So with the Odorox eliminating that odor, it has done that, it is a wonderful product. And I suggest it for anyone that's getting ready to sell their home or if you're living in your home too, and just to have a change it is a nice thing to have. Again, Schwartz contracting. What a wonderful product. Thank you for bringing me in to ask any staging and we definitely use it more.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

This is the most effective and profitable deodorization tool on the market. We’ve used ODOROX® systems on many different types of jobs and it works every time. The best part is being able to occupy the structure while it’s running. We now teach ODOROX® at our training facility

Jeff Dornberg

I have ten years experience as an estimator, trainer, and general manager of a 3 million dollar+ cleaning and restoration firm. As a Certified Restorer I have never endorsed one product over another. I have always believed that there were products available laterally that were as good what was being offered at the time.

After using your Odorox machines my opinion has changed. We recently put them to the test by placing them in a basement that had a fire..before we tore out! The Odorox completely eliminated the smoke odor. I thought for sure the odor would return when we tore out the drywall but it didn?t. This was great since we had spaced sheathing with felt paper and hardwood above it. We were able to eliminate the odor without removing the floors! I believe you may have found the next 'sliced bread'.


Johnathan B. Launder

Cleaning & Restoration

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