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Odorox Reduces Indoor Air Pollution/Health Concerns

Currently in the United States, regarding patient admissions into hospitals, we are seeing an infection rate that is unprecedented. Currently it's one in four patients that enter the hospital that would receive an infection and of that 100,000 would be a losing their lives. The use of inhalers and also known as puffers is far more than it used to be. And our indoor environment has gotten so bad and so poor that our lung capacity can only handle so much stuff that's bad coming into the end of the lungs and therefore into the blood system. So what happens is that at times it tightens up to let in just a limited amount and then that the body can actually process. So when you're on a puffer, it just slams everything open so that everything can come in.

Of course, now you can take a full breath and you feel better, but you're actually bringing in more of what you don't want into your body. And in the end will make you very, very tired. And you will end up switching puffers or going into different medication, so that is something we would be able to address in the way that those contaminants are no longer there. The need to use the puffer as much, we'd start to diminish. And we would hope that we could restore some of the basic lung function, which would be ideal. This is basically what happens outdoors. If you can get the patient or the client out into the open spend more time out of doors, they would seek to have that type of relief. And we're trying to bring that type of environment back into the home.

Benefits of Odorox Technology, Testimonials from our Customers

We have utilized the ODOROX® machines for almost a year and we are amazed to learn how many different odor problems this machine tackles successfully

Paul Long

This is the most effective and profitable deodorization tool on the market. We?ve used ODOROX? systems on many different types of jobs and it works every time. The best part is being able to occupy the structure while it?s running. We now teach ODOROX? at our training facility

Jeff Dornberg

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